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The SETE is a member of the French Fedetation of Local Public Entreprises

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The Eiffel Tower operating company

Gustave Eiffel’s remarkable tower traversed the XXth century becoming, little by little, a key symbol of Paris, France and of Europe. To run it, the city of Paris wanted to establish a body equipped to deal with issues relating to the new century…la Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE).


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Created in 2005, SETE was elected by the Paris City Council to maintain and run the Eiffel Tower. With almost 7 million visitors to the Tower each year, SETE’s aim is primarily to modernise its facilities, reception areas and the services offered to visitors, while following an approach in line with sustainable development and ensuring the maintenance of a high level of security.


An agreement, signed with the city of Paris, defined SETE’s various tasks, within the framework of its public service authority status, until 2015:

  • Look after and maintain the monument and its facilities,
  • Monitor the quality of services and security of visitors,
  • Improve reception standards, access to the structure and management of the flow of tours,
  • Draft a plan for the renewal and modernisation of areas and facilities,
  • Develop activities adding to the reputation, prestige and tourist and cultural activities of Paris,
  • Promote use of the Tower’s image.

SETE’s mandate extends to the assets placed at its disposal by the city of Paris:

  • The entire monument, except for its TDF antennae,
  • The quadrangle on the ground and adjoining premises,
  • The Tower’s lifts and all the facilities and equipment it contains,
  • Rights relating to intellectual, commercial and industrial property,
  • Archives and operating assets.


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The shareholders

SETE is a limited public-private company in which the city of Paris, the monument’s owner, has a 59.9% shareholding,leaving the remaining capital held by Dexia Crédit Local, Eiffage, Safidi SA (EDF group), Ufipar (LVMH group) and Unibail Participations, whose stake is 8% each and 0.01% held by the Paris Tourism and Congress Office.

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59,99% : City of Paris
8% : UNIBAIL Participations
8% : UFIPAR (Groupe LVMH)
8% : SAFIDI SA (Groupe EDF)
8% : DEXIA Crédit Local
0,01% : Paris Tourism and Congress Office

Almost 600 people are responsible for making the Eiffel Tower run each day. Half of them are employed by SETE, the other half by the sub-concessionaries (souvenir sales points, buffets and restaurants, telescopes, Automated Teller Machines on the forecourt, behind-the-scenes tours of the Eiffel Tower) and sub-occupants (police, fire brigade, la Poste, Météo France).


SETE has formed alliances with leading partners to guarantee visitors to the Eiffel Tower high quality services.

5 sub-concessionaires:

  • SCSC, a subsidiary of Relay, runs the 9 souvenir sales points,
  • The association formed between l’Affiche (a subsidiary of Sodexho) and the Alain Ducasse group operates the 3 buffets and 2 restaurants: the "58 TOUR EIFFEL" and "Le Jules Verne",
  • Wika manages the telescopes,
  • BNP Paribas runs the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) on the forecourt,
  • The behind-the-scenes tours to the Eiffel Tower are run by the Cultival company.


Some areas of the Tower have been granted to sub-occupants:

  • Public institutions: the Police Headquarters, the Fire Brigade of Paris, TDF, the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, Météo France
  • A public company: la Poste
  • An association: Airparif.

The SETE administration council :

  • Monsieur Bernard GAUDILLERE, representative of the Paris municipality, president,
  • Monsieur Nicolas BONNET-OULADJ, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Monsieur Claude DARGENT, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Madame Emmanuelle DAUVERGNE, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Madame Catherine DUMAS, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Monsieur Didier GUILLOT, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Madame Ann-Katrin JEGO, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Monsieur Pascal JULIEN, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Monsieur Yves POZZO DI BORGO, representative of the Paris municipality,
  • Monsieur Patrice BORREL, representative Eiffage,
  • Monsieur Pierre VEROT, representative Dexia Crédit Local,
  • Monsieur Marc-Antoine JAMET, representative Ufipar,
  • Madame Isabelle BILLARD, representative Safidi,
  • Monsieur Thierry LE ROY, representative of the OTCP,
  • Monsieur Pablo NAKHLE-CERRUTTI, representative Unibail RodamcoParticipations.